Landscaping Ideas Around The House

When I came back to the yard the first thing I noticed was this sparrow eyeballing me from a bush with lots of red berries.

They get so close to me I’m sure one will land on my shoulder or hat someday.

It started with just one sparrow and then there was two on my shrubs out front. Heard some noises in the bushes and now we have about 6 sparrows so they’ve been busy when they aren’t following me around.

The robins don’t get as close but they have family in our yard too and watch from a distance.
Ate A Couple of Tiny Tim Tomatoes

We have been watching the Tiny Tim tomatoes as they ripen waiting for the exact moment they will be ready to munch.

Well just before supper last night I went out and grabbed a couple to try. We really enjoyed them and will be eating more every day now that they are ripening faster.

Started with one ripening and now all four plants have tomatoes ripening.
The Nasturtiums I Started Are Looking Great

I like the Nasturtiums we have. I planted a dwarf variety between each regular nasturtium but they didn’t come up so they are looking pretty sparse. Next year I’ll be planting a whole lot more as they look so cool. Especially when the sun hits them and even better when they are back lit.
Finally Captured A Dragonfly Image

Spotted a dragonfly on Jenny’s Autumn Joy plant which is just flowering now and will soon completely change colour.

I was surprised I was able to get close enough to the dragonfly to get a picture as they most often take off as soon as I look at them.

I just snapped a picture at a distance and just kept creeping closer taking a picture each time I moved.

The sparrow below was on a pine tree branch right behind my head. I think he was telling the dragonfly to stay still.

I have a few squash plants but conditions were so wet this year they never produced any fruit although they continually produced blossoms which I like.

So I left them all planted and just enjoy them flowering. Next year they will be planted on higher ground and in raised beds that will drain better than that part of my yard does.

I may not be having any pumpkin, winter squash or zucchini this year but the cucumbers have started producing.

I don’t remember the name of this variety but it’s completely round and about the size of a tennis ball at the moment.

I will have to guess when it’s ripe. I’ll give it a few taps with my finger nail to see if I can hear that sound cucumbers make when they are ready to eat.

With the temperature dropping so low the last couple of days I’m just hoping we don’t get hit with an early frost as that would be most depressing.
Tiny Tim Delight

This is one of my Tiny Tim tomatoes and they are all just like this one, perfectly round and without any blemishes. Gotta love it.

So far there are only a few that are ripe so I picked a couple for us to taste test yesterday just before dinner. So tasty and more juicy that anything you get at the grocery store.

I have four plants growing and as of yesterday they all had some tomatoes turning bright red.